Client: Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities (AMiD), ARCI Immigrazione

Year: 2019

Length: 3' trailer, 9' full video

Genre: Social Campaign

Language: French, Kurdish (with eng subs, ita subs)

Produced by Sibilla Film for AMiD and ARCI Immigrazione

campaign description

Around the world, migrants with disabilities amount to an estimated 9.3 million people and the European Union lacks adequate tools and awareness to manage their needs.

AMiD (Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities) is an EASPD project involving 12 organizations in various European countries, including ARCI which coordinated the implementation of the campaign, from the call for proposals to the presentation of the video in Brussels.

Beyond the figures are stories that needs to be told, as Yaya’s, Karim’s and his wife.

This video campaign was made to raise awareness on this key yet largely unknown issue related to modern migration.


Directed by: Claudio Casale

With Yaya, Karim

Photography: Vanni Mastrantonio

Editing: Julien Panzarasa

Music: Valerio Lombardozzi

Camera: Chiara Elettra Crispi

Assistant Director: Alessandro Arfuso

Graphics: Daniele Barbiero

Coloring Grading: Vanni Mastrantonio

For ARCI Immigrazione: Valentina Itri, Giovanni Vanore, Clara Archibugi