DOCUMENTA – Archeologia e nuove storie di comunità” is a project created by the I.C. Carlo Levi, Arci Solidarietà Onlus, Coop. Culture and Sibilla Film and supported by the MiBACT as part of the project “Piano Cultura Futuro Urbano”.

project description

In Documenta, Sibilla Film conducts a documentary filmmaking course within the Carlo Levi school in Rome, addressed to the school community and its neighborhood.

The filmmaking course focuses on documentary theory and practical excercises, with an attention to scriptwriting skills.

At the end of the program, a documentary will be shot on social issues related to the neighborhood of Fidene, in Rome, Italy.


Direction Programme - Claudio Casale

Scriptwriting Programme - Alessandro Arfuso

Editing Programme - Emanuele Paragallo