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Sibilla Film is a promise made on a long summer spent in the south of Italy.

Born in sunny countrysides and bounded with words as heavy as stones, Sibilla Film is a dedication to the creativity of the Sibilla Cumana (Cumaean Sibyl), the protheness hailed in imperial Rome for her prophecies.

Founded by Claudio Casale and Viola Brancatella in late 2018, Sibilla Film cultivates a passion for documentary and arthouse cinema while being nerdly curious about everything that pops up in regards of new media and technology. Since its very early days, Sibilla has invested in the narrative opportunities offered by 360​​°/ Virtual Reality, producing Om Devi: Sheroes Revolution, a documentary in 360° realized between Agra and Varanasi, India.

Beyond that, Sibilla Film focuses on documentary and fiction shorts while carrying out educational trainings on documentary filmmaking and social campaigns on what we believe are the most important topics of our time.

director's view

Claudio is a short film and documentary director based in Rome, Italy. Read more about Claudio's bio, filmography and Awards..


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